The Jalopnik Spec-B race team?

I want to race a Mazdaspeed 2 (Aka, a Mazda 2 with the Mazdaspeed Spec B kit) in the SCCA championship, is that too much to ask?

Well, in a word, yes. For one, the cars don't come free. A brand spankin new Mazda 2 costs $15,500 with destination, and the Mazdaspeed kit costs an extra $5,000. That kit also doesn't…


Fun Rating

We have scales and standards for everything. Power, Torque, Space, Wheelbase. But what about fun? is it so hard to give each and every car a rating of 1-100 of approx. Fun?

I know Fun is very subjective, but it kind of isn't really. almost everyone agrees that the Scion FRS is fun. I always read reviews that say "This…